Some little things to decorate your living room

Sri Lanka is well known for handicrafts and ornaments, since most these handicrafts are crafted by hand by skilled craftsmen showcasing their crafting ability.


Likewise, at Sandella Furniture, we have a unique collection of hand picked handicrafts and wooden ornaments handcrafted by Javanese wood working experts that can add style to your living room

Wooden Bottle Ornament
Wooden bottle Ornaments made of Teak Wood from Indonesia. Its paint and natural grain gives a rustic finish for the ornament
Indonesian Flower vase
Button Flower Vase.
Teak Ornament
This teak handicraft symbolizes a visionary man.
Wooden Ornament
Kissing couple represents Love, Affection and Commitment.
Ornaments Sri Lanka
New addition Handicrafts in Sri Lanka. Represents a Loving Viking Couple
Wooden Ornament Sri Lanka
Kissing couple ornament Sri Lanka
Wooden Ornament Sri Lanka
Handicrafts in Sri Lanka
Wooden Prestige Horse
Prestige horse handicraft represents power, prosperity and luck.
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